Dedication, entrepreneurship, creativity, and attention to detail

Our teams are made up of talented individuals, from master artisans to experts in digital technologies, from technicians and designers to operations specialists and many other managers and professionals. They span four generations and over 100 professions, each of which is vital for creating our unique products, brand, and message. Our working environment is open, stimulating and collaborative

Creation and design

Creativity, curiosity, organizational skills, forward thinking while respecting the past and a team spirit are essential characteristics of the individuals in charge of the brand’s product and image evolution.

Retail and sales

Service-oriented culture, ability to transmit the brand values and showcase its products, attention to visual detail, a natural talent for relations and enthusiasm are all key in the retail and sales professionals we seek.

and communication

Awareness, creativity, an eye for analysis and a gift for interpersonal relations are the hallmark traits we seek in those responsible for conveying the brand’s identity and message.


Vital for bridging past and future, the digital team must be capable of identifying the trends and opportunities that emerge as the digital world evolves, transforming them into projects that are aligned with the brand. Analytical skills, curiosity, pragmatism, quick-thinking, organizational skills, and creativity are all key.

Manufacturing and
Supply Chain

Technique, mastery, painstaking attention to detail, patience and organizational skills are just some of the characteristics we seek in our manufacturing specialists who develop, assemble and craft our products, choosing the finest materials and ensuring the highest quality. Our manufacturing core thrives on the genuine passion of its staff, thanks to time-honored professions handed down through the generations.

Staff functions

Finance, human resources, IT systems, legal affairs, compliance, and management are amongst the many operational fields crucial for business. We are often in search of professionals in these fields that embody our corporate values and can support the evolution of the organization.

Recent positions

Make your own contribution towards our proud legacy. Let’s form your future and ours together.