Welcome to the world
of Giuseppe Zanotti

Our origins

The Giuseppe Zanotti brand was first established in the mid-’90s. The founder set out to invest in an independent project for an unconventional footwear designed with a seductive, elegant, sophisticated, and eccentric woman in mind. Over the years the product evolved, and the range broadened to embrace accessories and clothing for men and women, while remaining true to its promise to be one of a kind and cutting-edge. This has been achieved thanks to the legacy of craftsmanship in one of Italy’s most important, long-standing footwear manufacturing hubs, San Mauro Pascoli, which is still home to the company’s headquarters and factory. The combination of creativity and outstanding manufacturing is an intangible asset which has allowed the company to make its mark and increase its international presence, while maintaining the experimental spirit of the creative atelier and the secrets of time-honored artisan techniques. Today the company is comprised of 11 subsidiaries with about 500 employees and is represented in 500 stores across 70 countries.

We are looking for new talents who embrace our values, and whose unique approach can help us fulfill ambitious projects. 

Our values

Commitment and responsibility: we are looking for motivated individuals, who want to grow and are determined to achieve ambitious goals.

Entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatism: we are looking for entrepreneurial individuals who know how to step up to challenges and dream big, but who are also pragmatic, proactive and practical.

Creative thinking and forward thinking: we are looking for creative individuals who, regardless of their specialization, are curious, proactive and forward thinking the brand DNA.

Awareness and attention to detail: we are looking for individuals who recognize, appreciate and respect the value of our products,  the tradition and the manufacturing culture. Meticulous individuals with an eye for detail in their work, capable of guaranteeing the highest qualitative standards. 


Joining Giuseppe Zanotti means becoming part of a team of talented individuals in a collaborative, open and stimulating environment. One where people can grow and help grow the company.